Boston veterans event offers up free services for those in need

BOSTON — In the heart of Boston, there lies a chance for veterans to get some help in ways most of us take for granted.

More than a 100 agencies came together Friday at an event called Greater Boston Stand Down to provide one place for needed services.

"I've had my challenges over the years," now-homeless Gulf War Veteran Doug Taylor said at the event. "I'm very grateful for every individual that's here."

At the event, Taylor found some help with his challenges.

More than 100 federal, state and local agencies and nonprofits have coming together to offer a range of services like dental and medical care, housing assistance, help from the RMV and options for mental health services if needed.

The list of ways to help is long.

"Massachusetts is very veteran friendly and when we have all of these different vendors here, that just reinforces all of that support," veteran Christine Gonsalees said.

Organizers with the New England Center and Home for Veterans say it's important to do this because the need is great for a wide range of people.

"Although these services are available daily to veterans, this is an event that really honors veterans that makes it one stop and very efficient for veterans who are seeking information to get connected," spokesperson Andy McCawley said.

The services go a long way for people like Doug.

"I'd be dead in the water if I didn't have something like this," he said. "I wouldn't be able to navigate the system. It's all right here."

Hundreds of people showed up Friday for a one-day event. The organizers hope the love will be felt long after.

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