Boston Marathon bombing survivor leading charity that once helped her

BOSTON — A charity event is underway in Boston, led by a young woman who has also been a recipient of the same charity.

Jacqui Webb and her fiancee Paul Norden are forever changed after standing at the marathon finish line six years ago.

"For me, it's been therapeutic to give back," said Webb.

Forty-eight hours after Jacqui Webb was burned by the bombs at the Boston Marathon finish line along with her fiancee Paul Norden, and the Greg Hill Foundation, named for the WAAF radio host, was there to help.

"The Marathon bombing happened on April 15. On April 17, I received a check from the Greg Hill Foundation," said Webb. "I lost my cell phone and you need to contact your family, you're in the hospital. And you need to replace that immediately and you don't have sometimes the funds to do that because you didn't expect to go to the Marathon and not come home that night."

Webb said it restored her faith in humanity. Six years later, Jacqui is now paying it forward as chair of Greg Hill Foundation's Next Generation Board.

"It was something that I felt obligated to do because there was just so much - we received an overwhelming amount of support, and I do believe that was instrumental in my emotional recovery," said Webb.

The 30-year-old says outreach in those first few days can make all the difference.

"We like to make a donation to a beneficiary in the first 48 to 72 hours, no red tape under the radar, we'll just hand them a check so they can have that peace of mind."

Under Jacqui's leadership, the foundation has helped the victims of the Beacon Street fatal fire and the Merrimack Valley explosions.

Monday's fundraiser at City Winery is both to raise money and to give survivors a night out to make connections.

"Sometimes you don't have the physical injuries anymore, but you have the emotional injuries and so just getting invited to an event and seeing other people and getting you out of the house is very impactful," said Webb.

The fundraiser is a young leader networking event. The event runs until 9 p.m., and you can just show up at the door.