Boston Dynamics robot opens door with new gripping attachment

WALTHAM, Mass. – Robots are already changing the world around us and in some people’s minds getting ready to take over the world, but at least one of them will have good manners.

Boston Dynamics, the company behind Atlas (an upright bipedal robot that looks like it's wearing a space suit), spot (a 4-legged robot that sprints like a cheetah) and Handle (a wheeled robot that can spin, squat and jump) has introduced their newest creation – SpotMini, a robot they have taught how to open doors.

The newest video is only 45 seconds long, but it shows one discouraged SpotMini that gets stuck at a door, Thankfully, another SpotMini arrives and this one is built with an arm that can grab the handle and pull the door open, allowing the first robot through before following behind.

Boston Dynamics designs robots with real world applications that range from searching damaged buildings to chasing criminals.

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