Boston driver shares warning after object shatters window during commute home

A Boston driver is sharing a word of warning after an object was hurled at her car during her commute home.

The impact shattered the window behind her driver's seat, and the woman said the outcome could've turned out a lot differently if it had happened a second earlier.

The woman had just stopped at a stop sign at West Springfield and Shawmut Avenue, and was driving through an intersection when she heard a loud thud.

The window behind the driver's seat had shattered, and the woman said a lot more damage could've been done to more than just her car if it had happened even slightly earlier.

"I didn't know what happened, and I turned around and saw the glass broken," the victim said. "I was just in disbelief."

Her early evening drive through the South End came to a screeching stop when something was launched at her car, right behind her head.

“If it had been one second earlier, it would’ve been in my driver’s side window," the victim said. "I would’ve probably be in the hospital."

The driver did not want to be identified due to concern for both her safety, and for the safety of others.

"If I had a child in the backseat, it would've been terrifying, dangerous," the victim said. "I don't know if people think through those things even realize the level of damage it could inflict."

The heavy object that was hurled at her car didn't come through the window, so she said she's not sure what it was.

But, the woman said three teens appeared to be the ones behind the incident, and said she put her flashers on and pounced, chasing after them before becoming unable to keep up.

“I ran back to the street corner and they were gone," the victim said. "There was just a bike there."

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After calling police, the woman is putting out a warning to those who live and drive around the area, which is adding fuel to frustration that already exists.

Earlier in the day, just one block away, someone smashed the front window at the Mass Food Market.

“I think it’s ridiculous," owner Mehare Daniel said. "We’re in the community trying to help out, and we can't afford stuff like that."

Daniel said he had to pull $315 out of his pocket to fix the glass he believes was shattered for the fun of it.

Earlier in the week, another block down, Shawmut Grocery in Roxbury also had to deal with damaged glass.

"He tried to break the top window," manager Kader Abdul said. "Everybody in the summertime, everyone is drunk outside."

Neighbor Pat Carney explained some of his own troubles he's had in the area.

“This is the third story I’ve heard in the last month," Carney said. "We had one happen to us, me and him."

Carney said just last week an egg was tossed toward him as he walked his dog.

"Out here walking a dog and getting an egg thrown at you, it's uncalled for," Carney said. "I understand kids messing around and entertaining themselves. Throwing anything at people is just not cool."

Boston Police are now investigating what happened at the intersection but as of now, they said they don’t have any evidence to suggest it could be connected to other crimes.