Boston College student finishes 550-mile walk to raise awareness about homelessness

BOSTON — A Virginia teenager and one of Boston College’s newest students just finished a 550 mile walk from Caroline Country, Virginia to Newton. Gordon Wayne made the walk to end homelessness. The young man was once homeless himself.

“It feels surreal honestly. It’s been a long time coming,” he said arriving at Boston College’s Alumni Stadium.

After walking 14 hours a day for 16 days, Wayne now has a place to call home.

“I was homeless and this is basically my escape out of it. I won’t have to worry about having a home as long as I succeed here,” Wayne said.

Wayne found himself homeless at just 17 years old.

“It was the worst experience of my life. It was dehumanizing. I felt just like thrown away by everyone around me. I decided I had to work to get out of that because I didn’t want to deal with that anymore,” Wayne said.

And Wayne doesn’t want anyone else to have to deal with it either which is why he chose to walk from Caroline County Virginia all the way to Boston College to start as an incoming transfer student.

He documented the entire journey on Instagram.

“My feet are destroyed. I probably should not be walking on these feet right now,” Wayne said in one post.

“I’m getting a bit tired. I’m not going to lie,” Wayne said in another post.

So far Wayne has raised more than $18,000 through a GoFundMe page.

Each step he took was for others.

“I’ll walk 100,000 miles if it means one person gets a house,” Wayne said.

Which is why Wayne said he never gave up

“There was no choice to give up. Whenever I wanted to give up I’d remind myself I’d rather die than quit.”

Wayne hopes his story will not only raise money to end homelessness but also spread compassion for those experiencing it.

“I would also hope that when people see someone on the side of the street who’s not looking like they’re having a good time or a good go at life I hope they’re not ignored and a second thought is given for them,” he said.