• Boston city councilors to push for gas line safety review


    BOSTON - The Boston City Council is expected to call attention to the city's gas infrastructure Wednesday. 

    Councilors Matt O'Malley, Ed Flynn and Ayanna Pressley want to know how safe the lines are, what's being done to prevent leaks, and how prepared the city is to deal with an emergency.

    They plan to call for a hearing at Wednesdays' council meeting.

    More than 80 natural gas explosions and fires were reported in the Merrimack Valley last Thursday evening.

    A teenager sitting in his car was killed when a chimney fell from a house after one of the explosions.

    Meanwhile, two people suffered injuries after falling in the dark with no power, with an 88-year-old man suffering traumatic head and facial injuries on Saturday and a 55-year-old woman suffering severe head injuries, as well.

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