Boston cab driver turns in $187,000 found in taxi

BOSTON — Boston police say a man who left about $187,000 in cash in a taxi has been reunited with his money thanks to an honest cabbie.

Raymond "Buzzy" MacCausland picked up a fare on Saturday at the corner of Tremont Street and Massachusetts Avenue.

At one point the man got out of the cab to meet a friend intending to come back and left a backpack behind.
MacCausland waited 30 minutes before going to the man's hotel to look for him. When he couldn't find him, he looked in the bag for identification. His was surprised to find three bundles of $50 and $100 dollar bills. He immediately drove to police headquarters to turn in the cash.

"I opened the bag, I saw the most money I ever saw in my life,” the 72-year-old told FOX25’s Erica Ricci.

That's when Buzzy had a moral dillema.

"I can go back looking for him, because I know he's going to be looking for me, or take it home, change my life, or go to the police station,” he said.

Police worked with the hotel to identify the man whose backpack it was. The man was a 46-year-old homeless man who had inherited the money.

MacCausland got a $100 reward.

"My mother always said do the right thing you'll be rewarded somewhere later, you know? Maybe she's right,” Buzzy said.

According to the Boston Globe, Royal Carribean has offered Buzzy and his longtime girlfriend a seven day Caribbean cruise, including airfare.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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