Billerica home known for their Christmas displays helps raise money for families in need

BILLERICA, Mass. — A local family has taken the true meaning of Christmas to heart.

Every year, the Lossmans try to give back to their community, either with their beautiful Christmas displays or by opening their doors to anyone in need of a holiday meal.

The labor of love starts way before the holidays even come around.

“It’s constant from September all the way through Christmas, it’s constant, Christmas Christmas Christmas around here," said Cindy Lossman.

The home on Biscayne Drive in Billerica has brought delight to visitors every year for 25 years.

“It started out and we just added and added and added then it turned into this," said Eddie Lossman.

Their colorful and cheerful display is just the beginning - on the inside, the house is all decked out in the holiday spirit. On Christmas Eve, the Lossmans invite the family for dinner.

Over the last eight years, however, the Lossman’s light display has changed lives.

Last year, visitors were encouraged to donate to Mike Longo’s family as he was battling stage four lymphoma.

“It was incredible what they did," said Mike.

Longo and his wife, Leslie, said the donations saved Christmas for them and their three children.

“The money they raised helped us through the holidays and the winter – normally I would plow, but when I’m sick, I can’t but with them helping out it was unreal,” said Mike.

“It was really touching and it meant so much to us the support and the donations – people we didn’t even know who took a ride – the amount was more than we expected," said Leslie.

This time around, the Lossmans are back at it and helping another local father, Tim Oliveri. At just 48-years-old, Oliveri is in hospice care after being diagnosed in May with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

“I’ve known him the better part of 30 years," said Eddie.

“I think that’s why so many people are showing their support because they just know it could be them, it’s a terrible time of the year and they need everybody’s support," said the Lossmans.

Even if you don’t live in Billerica or didn’t attend the Lossman’s Christmas Eve dinner, you can still donate to both the Longo and the Oliveri families through their respective GoFundMe pages here and here.