Proposed bill would make Massachusetts a sanctuary state

BOSTON — Dozens of Massachusetts lawmakers have signed to support a bill that would essentially make Massachusetts a so-called sanctuary state.

They met in caucus Wednesday to continue to garner support for the Safe Communities Act.

The Senate sponsor of the bill, Democrat Jaime Eldridge of Acton, said he's proposed similar bills for the last four years. However, this year he said he added language that “…would prohibit state collaboration with the federal government for the purposes of creating a Muslim registry, and ensure that state resources are not used to enforce federal immigration law.”

Eldridge said he's received more support for this legislation than ever before.

"I would say it's about doubled compared to last session, I think in large response to President Trump's executive orders. We've already had two rallies in Boston and there are organizations, a lot of churches, synagogues, mosques, interfaith groups and civil liberties groups across the state that have expressed their support,” he said.

So far, 81 lawmakers have pledged to support the bill.

FOX25 reached out to Gov. Charlie Baker’s office about the bill, and a spokesperson said Baker believes sanctuary city status should be decided at the local level and opposes making Massachusetts a sanctuary state.

“The administration will continue to enforce policies giving the State Police the tools necessary to detain violent criminals or suspected terrorists wanted by federal authorities,” said Baker’s office.