• Attorneys say Bella Bond murder case may be difficult to prove


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – It was a week ago Wednesday that prosecutors say, Rachelle Bond admitted her daughter Bella was murdered, and it was Bella's body that washed up on shore on Deer Island inside a trash bag.

    Now, Rachelle Bond and her boyfriend, Michael McCarthy are charged, but how strong is the case against them?

    “If you're going to show that somebody did a murder, you're going to have to show how they did the murder you're going to have to prove that a murder did in fact, happen,” Boston attorney Peter Elikann said.

    Elikann says that's the first hurdle prosecutors have to overcome: they have to answer the question how did little Bella bond die?

    “It would be helpful if we could learn exactly how the murder was done, how the killing was done. That would confirm this was a murder, this wasn't an accident they were trying to cover up,” he said.

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    Bella's mother, Rachelle, has told authorities that McCarthy killed Bella, because he thought Bella was possessed by demons.

    So far, only McCarthy is charged with murder., but Rachelle's word alone might not be enough.

    “Right now all the prosecution has, is her testimony. and really a potential he said, she said case. Which is very difficult for a homicide prosecution,” attorney Brad Bailey said.

    That's why both attorneys say investigators are still looking for more evidence.

    “That is going to be crucial, because simply the mother’s word alone may not be strong enough and do the trick,” Elikann said.

    While all that is going on, there is still the question of what is happening with Bella Bond herself.

    FOX25 did some checking and found the medical examiner still has Bella's body.

    When Bella's body is released, her biological father, the man who never met her, will plan her funeral.

    The DA has given him a list of all the people who want to help, who offered to donate items or pay for the funeral, but it will be up to the father to decide.

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