After School Satan club could be headed for your local elementary school

BOSTON — A new after school program dedicated to Satan could be coming to your child's school.

The leaders of a nationwide Satanic temple are working to bring "After School Satan" to elementary schools across the country.

Of course, the group says it doesn't actually support devil worship for children.

They say, just like other clubs, kids will get a healthy snack, literature lesson, a science lesson and an art project.

The after school program is a tongue-in-cheek way of promoting the separation of church and state in public education, according to the group. Their website provides information on their efforts to "counter evangelism in schools."

"We're not the boogeymen, we are here to help, here to discuss and help learn," Travis LeSaffre, the founder of the Boston chapter of the Satanic Temple, said.

LeSaffre started the Boston chapter of the Satanic Temple this spring, he told FOX25 the non-theistic group is quickly growing.

They are targeting schools that already have an after school religious programs like Good News.

“I think schools and parents should not overreact, but recognize it for the stunt it is. If you leave them alone, they'll go home and legitimate youth organizations including the Good News Club, will continue teaching character to kids,” a vice president of Good News said.

The Satanic Temple is a group dedicated to bringing Satan worship into public meetings and government-sponsored organizations where religious customs are already present.

“Satanism is not so much standing in a dark room with candles, it's focused on intelligence, learning more, reaching out to the world,” LeSaffre said.