• AG: New Hampshire man arrested for killing his wife


    LONDONDERRY, N.H. - A New Hampshire man has been arrested for the murder of his wife, officials announced Friday afternoon. 

    Authorities began investigating a suspicious death after 39-year-old Maureen Argie was found dead inside a home in Londonderry. 

    On Friday, authorities announced Argie's husband, 46-year-old William Argie has been arrested.

    In a press released, the attorney general said Argie is charged with "two alternative counts of second-degree murder, one for knowingly causing the death of Maureen Argie by strangling or smother her, and the other for recklessly causing her death under circumstances manifesting an extreme indifference to the value of human life, by strangling and/or smothering her."

    He is due to be arraigned on June 10. 

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