Advocacy group hopes charges will be filed in fatal bike crash

BOSTON — 16 seconds.

That's the amount of time a local advocacy group says could have made the difference between life and death for a doctor from Switzerland.

Dr. Anita Kurmann was riding a bike down Mass Ave back in 2015 when a truck - driven by Matthew Levari - crossed into the bike lane as it turned onto Beacon St.

Bike advocates said when they watched video of the crash - they believed the driver was in violation of the city's rules of the road.

They also said they can't believe Levari hasn't been charged, and feel the fault has been placed on Kurmann.

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"I kept waiting for something to come out of the police department of Dan Conley's District Attorney's office," said Alan Wright of Rosi Bikes. "And nothing happened."

Prosecutors believe Levari may not have seen Kurmann because she was in his blind-spot.

Her family did settle a wrongful death case against the driver last year.

But the groups Mass Bike and Ride of Silence Boston hope that bringing attention to the case will prompt charges to be filed.

WARNING: The video embedded below was produced by the organization in an effort to bring attention to the circumstances surrounding Dr. Kurmann's death. This video shows the moment she was hit and killed by the truck. Viewer discretion is advised.