Acton medical dispensary ordered to 'cease and desist all operations'

ACTON, Mass. — The Cannabis Control Commission has ordered a medical marijuana facility to temporarily stop its operations.

The CCC tweeted Friday that it has ordered Mass Wellspring, a medical marijuana dispensary in Acton, to "temporarily cease and desist all operations."

Boston 25 News reached out to the CCC for further explanation and was told the cease and desist was ordered for cultivating, processing and dispensing medical marijuana to patients as a result of an unannounced inspection.

Over the course of the inspection, compliance officers reportedly identified operations that violate medical regulations and "were determined to pose an immediate or serious threat to the public health safety, and welfare."

"The violations include, but are not limited to, issues related to security, sanitation, waste disposal, and the labeling of marijuana products. An investigation into the RMD’s practices remains ongoing and no product recall has been issued at this time," CCC press secretary Maryalice Gill told Boston 25 News.

The order will remain in effect until the CCC "rescinds or amends the order, acts on any related complaints, and issues a final decision. Mass Wellspring will then be required to take remedial measures to regain compliance with regulations.

The CCC said patients should visit alternative locations.

Boston 25 News went to visit the dispensary's website, but we got an error message saying, "Sorry for the inconvenience. Our website is currently undergoing maintenance. Thank you for your understanding."

The dispensary opened for registered medical patients in Sept. 2018.

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