State 911 system operating normally after sporadic outages

State 911 system operating normally after sporadic outages

BOSTON — The issue impacting calls to 911 Friday morning has been resolved, according to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.

The agency released a final update around 8 p.m, saying that the state 911 system was operating normally, and the nationwide system issues that caused the sporadic outages throughout Friday, at least in Massachusetts, were corrected.

Residents were reminded not to call 911 or a local 10-digit emergency number to test the functionality.

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Earlier in the day, the outages continued to linger, originally starting with cellular calls and then moving to landlines.

"The initial release of information regarding this issue this morning stated that the problem was confined to cellular 911 calls. However, updated information suggests that there may be a landline impact as well," a release stated.

State police and Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency had reported earlier in the day that sporadic outages were still affecting some Bay State communities.

"You may hear a fast busy signal, hear a recording saying, “All circuits are busy” or something similar, or you may get connected to a different emergency call center than you were expecting," State Police said in a release.

The issue has to do with a nationwide internet outage from CenturyLink, and federal officials have opened an investigation into the outage.

During the outage, a fire was put out in the North End in Boston, all thanks to a rapid response after a fire box was pulled on Endicott Street.


Original story:

A nationwide outage of telecommunications company CenturyLink is affecting the 911 service in parts of Massachusetts and around the nation Friday morning.

If you need emergency help from first-responders:

Landline calls appear to be working, but Massachusetts State Police say if you are calling from a cellphone try dialing 911 first. If the call does not go through, dial one of these 10-digit public safety answering point emergency call center (PSAP) numbers or your local police department:

Shelburne Control PSAP 413-625-8200

New Braintree Control PSAP 508-867-1170

Northampton Control PSAP 413-586-1508

Framingham PSAP 508-820-2121

The outage seems to only be affecting wireless 911 calls; landline calls to 911 appear to be working, according to MSP.

An internet outage affecting CenturyLink customers across the country is impacting 911 call centers in many states. CenturyLink said engineers identified a problem and are working on repairs to fully restore service within hours.