4 adults found dead in Groton, suspect in custody

GROTON, Mass. — Four people were found dead at a Groton home Friday night and police say they have a suspect in custody.

The home is located on Common Street and police said this does not appear to be random.

The suspect, 22-year-old Orion Krause of Rockport, Maine, has been arrested and has been charged with four counts of murder. Officials say he will be arraigned Monday morning.

Police say they believe Krause and the four unidentified victims knew each other and this is an act of family violence.

Two women and one man were found dead inside the house. One additional woman was found dead outside of the house.

Krause showed up in the screen porch of Wagner Alcocer's home on Friday night, naked and covered in mud, uttering only the words "I just murdered four people."

Alcocer, who lives with his wife, says the 22-year-old said very little, except that he wanted his sleeping pills and needed help, repeating over and over again that he had just murdered four people. Wagner asked him to wait outside near the pool while he called 911.

“He was completely naked, totally naked, no socks or shoes nothing, covered with mud and leaves, he got a little bit of blood on his face and his knee. and I closed the door because I realized it’s not right, but then I saw his hands and he had nothing, he was just a kid, totally naked," Alcocer said.

District Attorney Marian Ryan said all four people appeared to have died from blunt force trauma, and what is believed to be the weapon has been recovered.

According to police, officers were first called to Common Street around 6 p.m. for a report of an individual in need of assistance. After gathering information, investigators went to a different location on Common Street where they found the bodies.

Investigators still haven't disclosed the identities of the three women and one man found dead at the scene. One woman and the one man were in their 80's, while of the two other middle-aged women also found dead, one of their bodies was found outside.

Krause is being held over the weekend in Bridgewater and is expected to be arraigned Monday.

**Editor's Note: The suspect was originally identified as O'Ryan. Police have since corrected the spelling to Orion.

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Police, DA provide update after 4 people found dead "in and around" Groton residence.

Posted by Boston 25 News on Friday, September 8, 2017