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Boston mayor blasts Steward Health Care after 25 Investigates report on PPE shortages

BOSTON — Boston Mayor Marty Walsh had strong words for Steward Health Care after our 25 Investigates report on the company’s donations of 50,000 isolation gowns to the state.

Several Steward nurses told 25 Investigates news of the donation came as they were forced to reuse gowns over and over while treating COVID-19 patients. They described the move as a publicity stunt.

During his daily news conference Thursday, Walsh indirectly addressed our report without naming Boston 25 News or Steward Health Care.

He said he confirmed the City of Boston didn't receive any of the donated gowns, but he called on Steward to better protect its front-line workers.

“I would suggest to that one hospital system...that they take a good look in the mirror at themself and provide their nurses and doctors with the appropriate [personal protective equipment] because they’re making plenty of money,” said Walsh.

“If Mayor Walsh is referring to Steward Health Care in his statement, then he has been seriously misinformed by the rhetoric of the [Massachusetts Nurses Association] union,” said Nicholas Puleo, a spokesperson for Steward Health Care. “Steward Health Care has one of the strongest safety records for COVID-19 response in the nation, is 100% compliant with CDC standards for PPE, and has been working to battle this virus in some of the most disadvantaged communities across the state.”