10 charged with sex trafficking at Plymouth massage parlors

PLYMOUTH, Mass. ( -- Ten people were arraigned on Thursday for illegal activity, including prostitution and human trafficking, at three massage parlors throughout the city.

Authorities began surveillance on the Elysium Spa, Boakang Body Works and Magic Touch Spa in August. As a result of the investigation, 10 people - six women and three men - faced charges of sex trafficking, maintaining a house of prostitution, sexual conduct for a fee and possession of child pornography.

Law enforcement seized approximately $51,000 in cash from the parlors, along with ledgers indicating service to dozens of men.

Prosecutors say Douglas Crociati, vice chair of the Plymouth Airport Commission, was one of the ringleaders, and is accused of running the operation and trafficking women for sexual servitude.

"We need to make sure individuals who are choosing to hurt people and bring them to our county and traffic them for sexual exploitation that, we won't tolerate that," said Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy Cruz.

A neighbor near one of the massage parlors said she'd long had suspicions about the nature of the business going on there. we found a neighbor who'd long had her suspicions.

"A lot of traffic, men mostly, so I thought it was strange," she said. "All of us we start to suspect something."

Defense attorneys for those arraigned were quick to note that none of the illegal patrons have yet been charged.

One female defendant is on the run after failing to appear in court Thursday. The defendants who were there were held on bail ranging from $5,000 to $15,000.