'Things happen. Accidents occur': Defense argues in Sweet Tomatoes trial

WOBURN, Mass. — The man accused of driving into a Newton pizza restaurant, killing two people, will soon learn his fate.

Closing arguments wrapped up Thursday afternoon in the deadly Sweet Tomatoes crash trail where Brad Casler is facing vehicular homicide charges.

Jurors heard from customers, employees and first responders who were on scene in March 2016. They met for hours Thursday before adjourning to continue Friday, questioning if Casler ignored the limitations of his multiple sclerosis, despite the potential consequences.

"No brake. No horn. No warning," said Asst. DA Christopher Tarrant.

In closing arguments, Casler's defense told the jury that a sudden medical emergency caused Casler to lose control, something he could have never predicted despite his multiple sclerosis.

"If he felt fatigued or not well, he would not get behind the wheel of a car, that was his own decision," said defense attorney Thomas Giblin. "Not everyone who is involved in an accident is guilty of a crime. Things happen, accidents occur."

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Families of Eleanor Miele and Greg Morin cried as prosecutors showed jurors photos, arguing Casler knew his physical condition was deteriorating months before the crash.

"He chose to ignore or remain willfully ignorant of the consequences of driving with MS at his stage of the disease," said Tarrant.

Prosecutors say Miele, Morin and Sweet Tomatoes employees paid the price for that choice and that Casler's claims he doesn't remember what happened before the crash are convenient for him, and him alone.

"There is no evidence he suffered a sudden medical emergency that caused this crash," said Tarrant.

The jury will resume at 9:30 a.m. Friday.

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