• 'Kraft Line' to bring more passenger train service to Gillette Stadium


    WALPOLE, Mass. - An MBTA pilot program set to being next year will bring regular commuter rail service from Boston to Gillette Stadium.

    Residents who live near the tracks, however, are not enthralled with the proposal of the so-called "Kraft Line".

    "Walpole gets absolutely no benefit from it," said Sheila O'Shea, a Walpole resident. "We're concerned of course of not only the noise but [also] the safety."

    Currently, the tracks only carry freight trains and occasionally the special events trains. 

    The program is set to last for 11 months and will service more frequent passenger trips, now only limited to certain events at Gillette.

    Last month, construction crews began working on North Street crossing in Foxboro, near Gillette's back entrance. Starting at 7 a.m. this Friday and continuing until Wednesday, construction will shut down Summer Street.

    Neighbors in the busy residential area just a stone's throw away from the stadium and Route 1 said they could put up with the temporary headache of the construction, some defending it'll bring positive change.

    "When we have a game or a concert here we always have to find an alternate route to get out of the neighborhood no matter which way we go, so we're used to that," said Cheryl Rodriguez. 

    Supporters say the increased number of trains will make it easier for commuters to get to work and will improve the quality of the air with fewer cars on the roads.

    "The kids can’t walk to school without putting themselves in danger," said Rodriguez. "It’s going to decrease our prop values and it’s only going to benefit Foxboro."

    The Patriots have said the service has the potential to bring new development, jobs and tax revenue. 

    Some homeowners, however, don't think they'll be getting the return they deserve.

    "We don't get any compensation and we just get the aggravation," said Rodriguez.

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