Search continues for vandals who poured oil on World War II memorial

BOSTON — Massachusetts State Police are investigating vandalism that left a World War II monument covered in an oily substance.

The World War II memorial near Castle Island in South Boston is unguarded and has no nearby surveillance cameras. Officials are now thinking of installing cameras after the memorial was defaced.

Officials aren't sure what the substance is, but say the oil is seeping into the pores of the granite. They've tried soap, scrubbing, power-washing, and say the stains have lightened, but more work needs to be done.

Crews continued to work Tuesday to wash off the stains as police search for the people responsible.

Some residents brought buckets and cleaning supplies early in the morning to help crews remove the stains.

One particularly savvy South Boston resident tested out a brake parts cleaner on the back of the memorial, which seemed to have removed the oil stain.

"Trial and error, you have to do a certain spot you don't want to damage anything so you just do spots and see what happens," said John Maddox.

"My dad was a naval, six-year Navy veteran in World War II... so meant a lot to me," said Southie resident Jay Hurley.

More than 200 names are etched into the granite blocks. Names that mean something to somebody.

"Saddening that these men who gave their very lives, very lives for freedom and democracy and fighting against Nazi oppression that their memories would be defamed in this way," said Rep. Stephen Lynch.

Officials spent the entire day Monday cleaning the memorial after the vandalism was discovered in the morning and say they will continue until it is done.

Meanwhile, anyone with information on who is responsible should call police.

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