'He's part of the family': Homeless hero gets help after saving man's life

HYANNIS, Mass. — A man who helped save the life of a heart attack victim, who flatlined for nearly a half hour, is homeless no more -- thanks to the family he helped keep together.

Austin Davis was outside a group home he was staying at in Hyannis when he saw George Dakin, who had just had a heart attack, receiving CPR from staff members at the home. Davis acted quickly to relieve the woman pumping Dakin’s chest and kept him alive until the ambulance could arrive.

Boston 25 News was there when the pair reunited after Dakin’s recovery, but the family has worked to repay Austin Davis for his actions.

“We can change his life the way he changed the lives of all of my family,” Dakin told GoFundMe Studios.

The fundraising website decided to produce a short video about the family’s missing.


Jodi Dakin Loughlin started a GoFundMe page to raise money to help Davis move out of the Champ Homes.

Loughlin told Boston 25 News the family was able to get Holiday Inn to hire Davis full time (he was already working there part time) and raised enough money to buy him a used car.

With their help, Davis was finally able to move out of the Champ Homes.

The GoFundMe collection has been going towards Davis’ rent so he can save money for his long-term plans.

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