• WATCH: Red Sox catcher Sandy Leon gets his wish in gender reveal video

    By: Austin Bumpus


    Unlike Celtics forward Gordon Hayward's gender reveal video, Red Sox catcher Sandy Leon got his wish as he and his wife had their own game to figure out the gender of their newest addition to the family.

    In the video, Leon and his wife have 11 balloons hung up on a wall, with one gender having one more balloon than the other to determine whether the Leon family would be having another son or their first daughter in their household.

    The two took turns throwing darts at each balloon, with Leon hoping for a daughter and his wife dreaming of a son.

    In the end, the Red Sox catcher got his wish, with six pink balloons signaling a daughter on the way, adding to the good news for the World Series-winning catcher's year.

    For his wife, on the other hand, Hayward may have to make up some "Mommy's Always Happy" merchandise for her to wear. 


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