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Local Steals & Deals: New innovative products: Aquavault, KeySmart iPro, Blade Maid

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8 March, 2023

Local Steals & Deals: New innovative products: Aquavault, KeySmart iPro, and Blade Maid

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You’ll fall for these great new products!

We’ve got some new products on board that are innovative, practical, and offer conveniences that you’ll love. KeySmart iPro is the key holder you won’t want to live without. It works with Apple’s Find My app, making it simple to locate your misplaced keys. Blade Maid is an easy way to clean ceiling fans, light fixtures, and baseboards. You’ll never need a ladder again. And AquaVault ChargeCard is a credit card-sized phone charger perfect for those on the go who need a quick boost. Head on over now to shop the best deals on these new brands!

ChargeCard® by AquaVault

Deal: $43.99

Retail: $59.99

(While supplies last)


The AquaVault ChargeCard is a game-changer for those who are on the go and need to stay connected. This credit card-sized phone charger is ultra-portable, making it easy to carry around in a wallet or purse, and it can provide a quick battery boost when needed. It has a sleek, modern design and is perfect for travel or work. Shop the deal on this practical solution to a dead phone!

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KeySmart iPro

Deal: $49.99

Retail: $69.99

(While supplies last)


The KeySmart iPro is a sleek and innovative key holder that's perfect for those who are tired of carrying around a mess of keys. This product keeps up to 14 keys organized, secure, and easily accessible. It works with Apple's Find My app, allowing you to track your keys, and it also features a built-in LED light, a rechargeable battery, and more. It can easily fit into a pocket or purse and is an excellent solution to lost or disorganized keys. Grab this deal and simplify your daily routine!

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Blade Maid Ceiling Fan Cleaner

Deal: $20.99

Retail: $29.99

(While supplies last)


Blade Maid is a fast and easy way to clean your ceiling fans. The high-quality microfiber pads attract and trap dust like a magnet, and there's no need for a ladder. It fits all types and sizes of fan blades and ensures the blade will not spin away while cleaning. It has removable pads and can clean lighting fixtures, baseboards, and more. Don't miss out on this deal!

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