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Local Steals & Deals: Boost Your Phone’s Sound With A Mad Man BOOOM Box!

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2 July, 2024

Boost Your Phone’s Sound With A Mad Man BOOOM Box!

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A Booom Box With No Cables Required!

The BOOOM Box by Mad Man amplifies your phone's sound up to 10 times without cables, pairing, or Bluetooth. Using inductive coupling, it offers clear stereo sound and is USB rechargeable. It's compatible with most mobile devices and features a soft-touch rubberized coating and includes an AUX port. Available in five colors, it’s easy to use: just place your phone on top for instant sound enhancement!

Mad Man

Deal: $35.00

Retail: $50.00

(While supplies last)

30% Off

Get ready to amplify your summer parties with a Mad Man Booom Box, the ultimate portable speaker that brings the party wherever you go. This powerful device delivers crystal-clear sound and deep bass, ensuring your favorite tunes are heard perfectly. Its sleek, modern design makes it as stylish as it is functional. It offers easy Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream music from any device effortlessly, whether hosting a backyard BBQ, hitting the beach, or lounging at home. Its long-lasting battery life ensures your music keeps playing all day long. Take advantage of this fantastic deal to elevate your music experience. Grab a Mad Man Booom Box now, and let the good times roll!

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