Worcester pedestrian hit in crosswalk Saturday, expected to survive

Worcester pedestrian hit in crosswalk Saturday, expected to survive

WORCESTER, Mass. — Surveillance cameras caught a horrible accident in Worcester Saturday. A man walked across Chandler Street, in the crosswalk, when a car slammed into him. The impact caused him to flip in the air and land a few feet away on the ground.

Cameras at a nearby liquor store that caught the accident on camera. The owner told Boston 25 News that he hopes the video will serve as a reminder to both drivers and pedestrians to pay attention.

"He was screaming in agony, in pain," said Enoc Garcia.

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Garcia saw the aftermath of the crash on his way to work at Kirsch Liquors. His store's surveillance caught the video of the accident.

"Watching it slow motion waiting for him to get hit, you just don’t want to see nobody go through that," he said. "It was really horrifying to watch."

Worcester Police say the car actually had a green light. It appears the driver just didn't see the man walking as other cars continued through the intersection.

Garcia says this is just a brutal reminder of why pedestrians really need to wait their turn to cross at busy intersections too.

"A lot of accidents almost happen, so it's like I hope people learn from this," he said. "Pay attention when you're walking and pay attention when you're driving."

Police say the man who was hit was taken to a hospital but is expected to survive. At this point no one has been charged in the crash.