NH woman says recalled Jeep ran her over

ATKINSON, N.H. — When 27-year-old Anton Yelchin was pinned and killed in his own driveway in Los Angeles Sunday, Becky Peoples immediately thought that it could have been her, or worse, her daughter.

Yelchin's death may be linked to a known design flaw with the shifter on his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It's the same electronic shifter Peoples has on her 2014 model -- instead of pulling a lever into a grooved position, drivers tap in to gear.

Peoples had an incident last November when she exited the Jeep with her daughter, and a short time later it began rolling in reverse down a residential street.

“I think it may have been somewhat in between park and reverse...that’s the only explanation I have for that,” she said.

Peoples managed to stop the runaway vehicle, but not before it ran her over

“I was like, in the door jamb about to get into the vehicle when it started rolling back forward...[it] knocked me down on my belly and proceeded to roll over my legs,” she said.

It’s been seven months since the crash, and Peoples is still recovering from the serious trauma she suffered.

Peoples notified Chrysler, the maker of Jeep, and they examined her vehicle.

She learned the results of Chrysler's investigation in a letter that says, in part: "We are not led to believe... the incident was due to a manufacturing responsibility."

In other words, Peoples is out of pocket for her medical care, and she's stuck with a Jeep she no longer feels is safe to own.