Winchendon teen killed in car crash, 2 others injured

WINCHENDON, Mass. — Speed may have been a factor in a deadly crash involving several teenagers from Winchendon.

Police responded to an accident on Ash Street just before 9 p.m. Tuesday and found a single car crashed into a tree.

Anastasia LaRose, a 17-year-old passenger in the car, was killed. The driver, Austin Bogosian, and another passenger, Matteo DeLaRosa, survived.

"We were going down the hill and she was at least happy when she passed away, she said 'weee,'" DeLaRosa said. "She was always so happy. I know that she went peacefully and she went happy."

Friends say Ana, as they called her, wouldn't want them crying.

"She would love this, she would love that we're all here to celebrate her. If she were here she'd walk up and slap us for crying... honestly,” Rebecca Bergeron said.

All three people are current or former students at Murdock High School.

Superintendent Steven Haddad said Ana was the ultimate success story at the school's alternative learning program.

"I'm just so sad,” he said. "She worked so hard.”

Haddad said Ana went from wanting to quit school, to becoming active in it recently as a stage hand in the production of 'Grease' this past weekend.

"She was so excited that she had the opportunity to help because she had never stepped out in that kind of a role before,” he said.

Police are still investigating the cause, but say speed appears to be a factor.