Wildfire destroys Boston native's California home

BOSTON — The wildfires in California have destroyed 3,500 homes and businesses, including Paula Ketchum's family farm.

Ketchum grew up in Boston, but moved to California in 1991. She is married with two sons, a daughter and five grandchildren.

She told us within minutes of evacuating earlier this week, her home and her children’s homes were destroyed by flames.

"It was like a hot tornado that just came up and went right through everything. There are neighborhoods that are just gone. It looks like an apocalypse," Ketchum told Boston 25 News.

Paula is staying positive and her attitude is inspiring. She told us despite having moved from Boston 35 years ago, she's still receiving support from the area. Her sister lives in East Bridgewater.

"Boston is my home. People are coming out from everywhere to be able to help you in some way," Paula said.

They said money and gift cards are what California victims need most because so many family members are sharing hotel rooms, they don't have enough space to store donations.