Walpole photographer taking family portraits to raise money for ALS

WALPOLE, Mass. — Boston 25 is saying #HeyThanks to members of our community doing positive things during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some local families are taking advantage of being at home together during the stay-at-home advisory and they’re having family portraits taken by Leslie Browne.

The well-known Walpole photographer is hosting “The Front Porch Project” where she’s taking photos outside of people’s homes and keeping her distance due to the coronavirus outbreak.

She says she wants to capture this part of living history to give everyone a printed memory of this unprecedented time.

“It’s the digital world. People aren’t printing their photographs. I’m very big on taking pictures, existing in photographs. Moms especially nowadays don’t seem to be existing in photographs," said Browne.

In return for the photographs, Browne is asking for a donation in support of ALS research. Her friend Tara Pacella was recently diagnosed and has a charity named For You, I Will Fight.

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Browne photographed 17 families on Tuesday and she’s making sure to adhere to the social distancing guidelines by having families gather on their front porches which she admits has been tough.

“I like to fix hair and clothing but I’m just instructing everyone. I’m at least probably 20 feet from everyone,” said Browne.

Leslie’s fundraiser has become so popular that she now has a waiting list.

She estimates she has raised between $1,000 and $1,500.

You can sign up for the Front Porch Project here.