Video shows man jump on hood of own car as it was being stolen in Boston

BOSTON — It's a video you can't believe is real. A man jumps on the hood of his own car to try and stop a carjacker. The suspect hit the gas with the victim clinging to the hood.

As if the story couldn't get any crazier, one witness says he saw the owner of the car fly off the hood of the vehicle after the thief took a sharp left on Mass Ave, crashing into parked cars on St. Botolph Street.

"I jerked around in time to see a man flying through the air and smack on the ground," said Eric Buckley, a witness. "And I thought, 'this is going to be really bad.'"

It was a daring decision captured on surveillance cameras on Mass. Ave. near Northeastern. The owner of a Volkswagen Passat sprinted toward his car, clinging onto the hood after a crook hopped into his driver’s seat.

Buckley doesn't have to see the footage to know what happened next because he watched it with his own eyes.

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"I ran up and he was trying to get to his feet and staggering, and I was like, 'stay down, stay down, the police are coming, you’re going to be alright,'" he said.

Buckley didn’t realize the car that crashed into three parked cars with the man on the hood had just been stolen several hundred feet away. But he did once the driver’s side door burst open.

"I walked up to take a peek, he ends up kicking the door open and kind of pushed by me and started running," Buckley said. "And [he] pointed at the man at the ground and said, 'that guy's crazy.'"

He added that the man, who police believe intentionally swerved back and forth to try to get the car owner off the hood, didn’t stick around for long after crashing.

"He started running, I said, 'listen, what are you doing? You can’t run, where you going buddy?'" Buckley recalled. "He said, 'listen I'm not [expletive] going back to jail!'"

The suspect last seen running toward the Mass. Ave. T stop remains at large. The victim, who police say was loading items into the trunk with the car running when it was stolen, was banged up pretty badly. Police say he’s going to be okay.

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