Father of 4 thankful to be alive after crash at Avon auto dealership

One person had to be transported after a truck crashed into a used car lot in Avon.

The Avon Fire Department was called to Avon Auto Brokers around 4:45 p.m. after a crash.

Fire officials say the truck struck seven vehicles in the lot.

Roberto DaSilva, 46, works as a car salesman at the Avon Auto Brokers on Route 28. The father of four is thankful to be alive after such a terrifying experience.

"All this noise, cars flying - I'm thinking it's a hurricane or something," said DaSilva. "I'm really thankful, some people don't believe in God - I do."

DaSilva tells Boston 25 News he was just closing up for the day and doing inventory when his life nearly changed forever. He was taken to the hospital and says he is in a lot of pain.

Jason Hayward works down the road at the other dealership owned by the same company. He said it "looked like a war zone."

The driver of the truck tells police he may have dozed off.