United Airlines to do away with change fees

Good news for if or when you decide to fly again. United Airlines is doing away with change fees.

Airline officials made the announcement Sunday that it will be the only carrier in the U.S. that will allow customers to fly standby the same day for free for nearly all customers. MileagePlus Premier members also will be able to make changes at check-in for free.

The fee was $200, NBC News reported.

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The changes go into effect starting in January.

If you have a Basic Economy or international travel, the change fees are waived through the end of the year. For more information on those regulations, click here.

The airline industry is still feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, CNN reported. But the travelers are starting to take trips once again, just not in the same numbers as before the pandemic started.

It is down an estimated 70% when compared to last year, NBC News reported.

Experts say air travel won’t see the same number of passengers for another three to five years, CNN reported.