Trump posts $91.6M bond in E. Jean Carroll case

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump has met the deadline to pay the bond in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case.

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Trump posted a $91.6 million bond in the case while appealing the judgment against him, CNN reported.

Trump bond document by National Content Desk on Scribd

The money came from a company that covers Trump’s judgment if he loses his appeal and he doesn’t pay the judgment against him, The New York Times reported.

The insurance company Chubb’s bond only covers the $83.3 million, not future appeals, CNN reported. Bond is typically 110% of the judgment against someone.

Earlier this year, a federal jury granted Carroll $83.3 million in damages after it was found that Trump made defamatory statements after she accused him of raping her. He claimed she was not his type and said that she made up the claims to sell her book.

Carroll was a columnist for Elle magazine and said he raped her in a Manhattan department store dressing room, ABC News reported.

Trump had requested that the judge delay making him pay the penalty, but the judge declined, meaning that the former president had to either post a bond or pay cash by Monday, The Washington Post reported.

This isn’t the only case in which Trump has been ordered to pay millions of dollars.

He also was ordered to pay more than $450 million in a civil fraud case, that found that he had inflated his net worth to get better loans, the Times reported. In that case, he had asked a state appeals court for a $100 million bond because it would be “impossible” to get the $454 million, with interest included, that he has to put up

That money is due by March 25, CNN reported.