South Carolina woman, 2 dogs find alligator at front door

A South Carolina woman was working from home Monday when her two dogs started to alert her to a prowler on the other side of the front door -- a 5-foot alligator.

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“The gator was literally knocking on the door with his face...It is crazy and scary and hilarious,” homeowner Robyn Schnessel told the News & Observer.

KNOCK KNOCK...WHO’S THERE? 🐊 Whoa! Check this out! Robyn Schnessel of West Ashley was on a video call Monday morning...

Posted by Joey Sovine Live 5 News on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Schnessel was on a video call for work when Savannah, a Great Pyrenees, and Bruce, a Saint Pyrenees, started barking incessantly at the door, WCBD reported. She was surprised to see an alligator on the other side. A doorbell camera at the home recorded the incident.

“He was on camera for almost 20 minutes before the dog saw him. I froze, honestly, and then freaked out,” Schnessel told WCBD. “Very appropriate for 2020. It was crazy, scary, and ridiculous all at the same time.”

She said she called the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. They told her she could wait out the alligator and hope it leaves, or have an officer come out and euthanize the reptile.

Schnessel waited out the alligator, which wandered off about an hour later.

“We watched him leave and come back, and then finally make it two houses down, where there is no fence and (he could) head out the back of their property,” she told the News & Observer. “I have no idea where he is now.”

In South Carolina, alligators can grow up to 13 feet and live up to 60 years, according to wildlife officials.