Orionid meteor shower will be at peak early Thursday

The Orionid meteor shower will be at its peak this week, but it maybe hard to see due to a full moon.

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The shower, which gets its name from the constellation Orion, will be at its peak late Wednesday and into early Thursday, according to the American Meteor Society (AMS).

The AMS says that the hours before dawn on Thursday is the best time to watch the event.

The Orionids, whose parent comet is Halley’s comet, feature around 20 meteors per hour most years. However, this year the peak of the shower falls on the same night as the full Hunter’s Moon.

For the best chance to see some meteors you should try to avoid looking at light sources, such as the full moon.

The meteors will be viewable from around 10 p.m. Wednesday till dawn, but the best chance of viewing will be around 2 a.m. Thursday.

According to the AMS, “at the time of maximum activity, the source of these meteors lies just east of the faint club of Orion. This position also lies about 10 degrees northeast of the bright orange star known as Betelgeuse.”

Peak viewing occurs when the Earth passes through a debris stream left by Halley’s comet, according to NASA.