Tree crashes into house in Haverhill Tuesday

HAVERHILL, Mass. — A Haverhill homeowner said he was inside with two other people, who looked out the window and saw the tree coming down.

The picture shows just one tree branch, but the tree has five or six branches of that same size that thankfully didn’t fall. However, that one branch alone was enough to do serious damage to the roof and front half of the home, including the porch, the roof and the entire front yard.

“That’s really awful, I feel for them. There’s nothing worse,” said neighbor Nancy McKenna. “It’s devastating. Look at it, right through the roof. That’s terrible.”

A lot of people were looking at it. In fact, it seemed like every resident on Salem Street came by to take pictures. All the residents heard the thunder and lightning, but they didn’t hear the tree fall.

“It was very windy,” said neighbor Kaylyn Cressinger.

Neighbor Dougie Cressinger said he was wondering, “if everyone is OK and if it made a noise.”

The answers are yes and yes. The homeowner said he and his two tenants were all home and looking out the window watching the tree fall on them; thankfully they are all okay. Neighbors also thankful it was the only serious damage in their neighborhood.

“I was coming home this way and I was worried when I passed this, when I took a right on my street, what I was going to see as well because there’s a lot of dead trees near our house,” said neighbor Bum Cressinger. “It’s crazy, we don’t even have leaves in our streets, it’s crazy.”

The homeowner said he’ll have someone come by in the morning to remove the tree. He said his girlfriend was supposed to be moving in here with him, but now he’ll have to reassess.

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