Tow truck driver accused of soliciting sex arrested after FOX25 investigation

WATERTOWN, Mass. — A tow truck driver accused of soliciting sex from customers has been arrested after a FOX25 Investigation, FOX25 has learned.

Police arrested 37-year-old Mathew Walsh, of Nashua, N.H. and charged him with two counts of accosting or annoying a person of the opposite sex. Walsh was released on $500 bail Thursday night.

Earlier this week, FOX25 Investigates uncovered an investigation by Mass. State Police into a local towing company after a young woman reported a tow truck driver asking her for sex while taking her home.

MSP says when their investigator got the case, they examined the driver's tow history during the last three months and found a second victim.

According to State Police, this prompted them to remove the company from its list of contractors.

State police said the first victim came forward on June 20, saying she had been stopped on the Mass. Pike for driving with a revoked registration. Troopers arranged for Perfection Towing to tow her car to her house and drive her home.

While on the way home, she says the driver asked her personal questions and eventually started asking for sex – though the report doesn't seem to indicate he was looking to exchange anything.

When the woman got home, she immediately called police and told them the driver had asked her several times to perform various sexual acts.

Investigators say the second victim was towed after an accident on the Mass. Pike.

State police again called Perfection Towing to come out and the same driver allegedly asked this woman for sexual favors. This time, he is accused of pulling over in two different locations to try and engage her in a sexual act.

According to MSP, this company has regularly towed cars along the Mass. Pike and in the Metro Boston Area for police.

Even though the company has told state police the driver was fired, MSP has suspended Perfection Towing from their contractor list indefinitely.

State Police say they examined all the remaining drivers of Perfection Towing and found none on the sex offender registry or with any outstanding criminal warrants.

FOX25 News has confirmed Watertown and Brookline police also use Perfection Towing.

In a statement, Watertown police told FOX25, "The Watertown Police Department has used Perfection Towing for more than 20 years and has not had any problems. The department is waiting for the State Police investigation to be completed."

Brookline police said they are aware of the state police investigation and have had no issues with Perfection Towing during the several years they've had a contract with the company.

State police are concerned there could be additional victims out there. Contact Mass. State Police if you are concerned about your experience with Perfection Towing.