Watch: The 10 most unforgettable lines from Top Gun

There is no better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic movie than revisiting some iconic lines that many have said over and over since the movie premiered in 1986.

For those too young to remember, "Top Gun" was one of the first box office successes the late Tony Scott, the film's director, and stars a young Tom Cruise as Maverick, Anthony Edwards as Goose, Val Kilmer as Iceman, and Kelly McGillis as Top Gun instructor Charlie. The film is regarded by many as the one that made Tom Cruise a major star.

In no particular order, here are 10 iconic lines from the movie.

"Sorry, Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower."

Maverick's response to his friend and wingman Goose give viewers the first glimpse of Mav's personality. It's his response after he is denied permission to do a tower fly by.

"You’re everyone’s problem. That’s because every time you go up in the air you’re unsafe. I don’t like you because you’re dangerous."

This is one of the first rival moments between Iceman and Maverick. Ice isn't a fan of Maverick's daredevil flying style. Iceman also delivers his famous chomp in this scene.

"That's right, Iceman. I am dangerous."

The quick response was Maverick's reply to Iceman, showing just how defiant and prideful the character is.

"It's classified. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you."

Maverick says this after his second encounter with Charlie after the two met at a bar the night before. It's Mav's response to Charlie asking how he was able to see a MiG 28 do a 4g negative dive.

"Because I was inverted."

This line comes shortly after Maverick's classified remark to Charlie.  When Mav and Goose tell her they were "communicating" with the other pilot, Maverick ultimately reveals to Charlie the plane was upside down, disproving her theory that a MiG 28 was limited in its ability to do a 4g negative dive.

"Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash."

Stinger, Maverick's commanding officer, delivers this line as part of a lengthy dialogue in which Mav and Goose are chewed out for reckless behavior in the air.

"I feel the need -- the need for speed."

If you've never heard this one, where have you been? The most popular line from "Top Gun" is shared between Maverick and Goose and it illustrated the pair's friendship.

"Hey, Goose, you big stud."

A then-unknown Meg Ryan utters this line as Goose's wife, Carole, when she greets her husband.

"You can be my wingman any time."

Iceman makes this remark to Maverick near the end of the film, when the rivals make a truce of sorts -- except, Maverick remarks that Iceman can be his wingman instead.

"This could be complicated. You know on the first one I crashed and burned."

This line, at the end of the movie, is a nod to what Maverick told Charlie when the two started dating. After the two broke up. Charlie eventually came back to see him and the two rekindled their relationship.