• Tires slashed, other vandalism reported over space savers


    Space savers in Boston are tricky business, and as one driver in East Boston found out, ignoring them can have expensive consequences.

    An East Boston resident apparently moved a space saver and parked in the spot someone else had shoveled, and the next day she discovered that the tires on her car were slashed.

    “The woman had moved the barrel of the person who had shoveled the spot and parked in their spot,” a neighbor said.

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    Pictures shared online by David Sullivan show the damage and police confirm they are investigating it as an act of vandalism.

    Sullivan told FOX25 he doesn't think slashing someone's tires is right, but he understands the importance of space saving.

    “I’m totally against that. I think that’s terrible,” Sullivan said about the tires. "[But,] if you shovel 12-16 inches of snow I think it’s legit to stay there maybe two days."

    Last week, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh called for respect when it comes to neighborly disputes over parking spots, but Sullivan says it's already getting nasty.

    “People are putting warnings on their space savers,” he said.

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