• Teen arrested for allegedly peeping on unknowing Abington residents


    ABINGTON, Mass. – A 19-year-old has been arrested for the third time after allegedly trying to be watch people without their knowledge.

    John Furr was first arrested in January in Abington for allegedly peeping into homes. The next month he was charged after allegedly taking pictures of woman in the dressing rooms at Arden in Braintree where he worked.

    This weekend, while on probation and wearing a GPS monitoring bracelet, Furr was allegedly caught looking in the windows of homes in Abington again.

    “He’s really a good kid. He’s struggling right now. He’s going through a lot. We are trying to help him,” Furr’s mother Naadine Pressey said.


    Boston 25 News spoke exclusively with the suspect’s mother at her home in Braintree.

    The latest arrest happened off West Chapel Street when a criminal justice student told police he saw Furr lurking around and peeking into the windows of his neighbor’s home.

    “It’s creepy, you don’t want to think about someone coming into your yard and looking in your personal space,” Cindy Ahern, a neighbor, said.

    Neighbors immediately called police and launched a manhunt in the area.

    According to the arrest report, Furr told police “he decided to drive down west chapel street and noticed a light on in a house. He stated ‘you know my history.’”

    “We are trying to see what the next step is and trying to help him,” he mother told Boston 25 News.


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