Suspected lightning strike forces dentist to finish procedure in car

FITCHBURG, Mass. — There were two suspected lightning strikes in Fitchburg during the severe weather throughout Massachusetts, and one created unique circumstances for a dentist.

Fitchburg firefighters got several calls of what may have sounded like an explosion on Electric Avenue.

In one building holding several businesses, including medical, dental and accounting offices, a dentist had to go to extreme measures to finish a procedure for one patient.

The dentist had his back against the window when lightning struck, and had to finish the operation elsewhere.

"He had a patient in the chair at the time," Dr. John Bogdasarian said. "He took the patient to his car, put on the temporary filling in his car."

Fire Chief Gregg Normandin said the lightning strike caused some chaos in the building.

"The power of the lightning just went through, started the fire between the basement and the first floor," Normandin said.

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Fire officials also say there was a tree that hit a garage on Payson Street.

There were no injuries reported in either incident, but most of the offices in the building will be closed on Tuesday.