Suspect in Newton supermarket stabbing to be held at Bridgewater Hospital

NEWTON, Mass. — The man accused in a supermarket stabbing in Newton was set to appear in court on Tuesday.

The victim, a 79-year-old man, was shopping in the Star Market on Commonwealth Avenue when he was stabbed.

Matthew Muradov, 23, of Newton, was arrested after the incident.

Muradov was set to appear in court Tuesday for armed assault with intent to murder a person over 60 and assault and battery over 60.

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According to prosecutors, Muradov became angry after the victim, Dr. David Harris, accidentally bumped into him with his shopping cart.

"Words were exchanged between the two parties, at which point Mr. Muradov became upset was yelling at Harris something to the effect of 'get away from me,'" said one prosecutor.

Muradov is accused of stabbing Harris with a kitchen knife in the arm and back.

His father was with him in the store buying water when the attack occurred.

“I didn’t even see what happened over there because I saw him leave the store and I paid for my water and went out for him,” the father said. “I said, ‘Matt, what happened?’ And police pulled over and someone started pointing at him.

That’s when Muradov was arrested.

“Once on the scene, officers found the suspect standing outside the store,” Newton police Lt. Bruce Apotheker said. “The suspect was placed under arrest.”

Muradov’s father didn’t want to appear on camera but said his son suffers from a mental illness, but was released from a hospital early.

“My kid, he was admitted to the hospital. He’s been there for four weeks. He’s been released early because insurance won’t cover his stay in the hospital,” his father said.

He said his son was in the hospital and his medication was cut-off just days before Monday’s attack.

He said the 23-year-old hears voices in his head and has experienced hallucinations for years.

Dr. Harris was taken to a hospital to be treated for injuries described as non-life-threatening.

Just one day after he was stabbed twice, he had already gone back to work.

Boston 25 News spoke briefly with Dr. Harris as he arrived home, who said he feels okay.

To him, the focus of the incident isn't his own injuries, but rather the issues surrounding mental health and getting treatment.

While he didn't want to discuss the attack in person on Tuesday, the day after the attack, he said there will be a time when he may speak up about the issue, but that right now is not the time.

Dr. Harris's employer released the following statement:

"Dr. David Harris is already back to work today at Boston Children's Hospital and he's doing fine. He wanted to share a message that access to mental health care is vital and it is important that patients are given an appropriate amount of treatment time before they are discharged."

Muradov pleaded not guilty to the charges and is set to appear before a judge again on April 17.

He'll be held at Bridgewater State Hospital for at least the next 20 days.