State proposes $23M pedestrian walkway over Mystic River

SOMERVILLE, Mass. - State officials revealed a preliminary design for a 780-foot bridge that would connect the Wynn Casino and Resort in Everett to Assembly Square in Somerville that could cost upwards of $23 million.

The bridge, which would stretch over the Mystic River, could end up being the largest pedestrian walkway in the state, but residents are concerned with where the money to pay for it will come from.

"I think number one it looks really modern and really cool, another landmark for Boston I guess," said Gino Galutera, a resident.

What could become the largest foot bridge in the state would also require a separate $10 million project to build the walkway over the orange line train tracks to the Assembly Square stop.

"The more money you spend, everybody works, and everybody goes back and forth to Everett," said Carlo, a resident. "Imagine! You can go from Somerville to Everett? It's unbelievable."

It is still unclear as to who will fund the project, but the Department of Conservation and Recreation, responsible for overseeing it, says they're seeking multiple funding sources.

"Yeah, who's gonna pay for it?" said Carlo. "I don't know, yeah, who's gonna pay for it would be the question."

Wynn Casinos have provided $250,000 for the initial plans and is "positively considering" paying for the project, but hasn't officially committed to picking up the total bill.

"If it's the taxpayers, that's a heavy burden," said Carl Omoruyi, a resident. "There are other things we could actually do with those funds, tons of other things. I mean, we can improve school systems, like there's a lot of shootings going on, we can invest to protect our kids that are in schools."

The project, however, is not a new idea.

It was first proposed back in 2009, priced at almost $8 million, but was tabled as it was deemed too expensive.

Wynn Resorts and the Everett city officials tell Boston 25 News they've gotten widespread support and the tax revenue could offset the costs.