State Police Union: Colonel McKeon may have broken law when he retired

BOSTON – The attorney representing two troopers suing the Massachusetts State Police for allegedly coercing them to edit police reports says the investigation is far from over.

The lawsuits were announced in early November, and on Nov. 8, State Police Col. Richard McKeon announces his retirement amid the on-going investigation.

Troopers Ali Rei and Ryan Sceviour both were involved in reports for the October DUI arrest of Allie Bibaud, the daughter of a Dudley District Court Judge.

The troopers allege that they were pressured change their reports after pressure from above.

“The courage shown, by the troopers are amazing. They both said we aren’t going to obey these orders. We are going to stand up for what’s right,” attorney Lenny Kesten said Monday.

The State Police Union is also speaking out after the incident.

“The State Police Association and I want to make sure that these troopers can have productive careers without worrying about, a target on their back. That’s why it’s important this is aired out,” State Police Association President Dana Pullman said.

Pullman told Boston 25 News that Col. McKeon may have done something illegal.

"It’s a 268-13E, it would go into the altering or a forging or changing, destroying public documents," Pullman said. "This is a felony."

Keston told Boston 25 News he plans to subpoena everyone from the state police supervisors to Secretary of Public Safety Daniel Bennett during his lawsuit.