South End, Roxbury neighbors to protest Methadone Mile concerns this week

BOSTON — A new neighborhood group called the South End-Roxbury Community Partnership is demanding action from city leaders related to on-going ‘Methadone Mile’ concerns.

Yahaira Lopez said she wanted to build off momentum following last week’s series of reports from Boston 25 News.

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Lopez and other organizers have planned a community stand out this Thursday night at Mass Ave. and Washington from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

“This is not just impacting low-income communities. It’s also impacting those in million-dollar brownstones,” Lopez said. “People are at their wits end. Enough is enough.”

Lopez said the issues have intensified to an overwhelming degree for people living in the community. She said she feels empathy for those congregating in the area for services but believes the current situation is not working.

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“It feels like you are dehumanizing people. You are putting them in a fishbowl so anyone who comes in and out of the city is seeing their downfall. It’s awful,” Lopez added.

The protest planned for Thursday is geared toward uniting people from different communities who want to see tangible change.

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City leaders told Boston 25 News that they are still hopeful to one day rebuild the bridge to Long Island to create a 500-bed substance abuse treatment center. That would require the approval of the City of Quincy, which has yet to happen.

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