Sharon parents worry after community member tests presumably positive for COVID-19

SHARON, Mass. — Despite the risk for COVID-19 still being low in Massachusetts, communities across the state are on high alert for any cases presumed positive.

In Sharon, one person who tested positive for the virus had been in close proximity to dozens of students at a school event, worrying parents across the town.

In a video posted to the Sharon School District’s website, school Superintendent Dr. Victoria Greer notified Sharon residents that the person and their family members were in self-quarantine.

“Multiple members of the family either work for or attend the Sharon public schools,” said Greer.

According to Greer, the person who was tested by state health officials and is now waiting for an official confirmation from the CDC, attended the 11th grade meet-up ceremony at Sharon High School on March 5. School officials say they have notified the people who were in direct contact with the person.

Greer reiterated in her announcement that “it is presumed that the risk for potential exposure is extremely low.”

“I think parents here want to be aware, cautious of what is happening,” said Annat Shrabstein, a parent. “We should be practical when going about our lives.”

For now, officials say they don’t plan on closing any of the schools.

“We have and are continuing to plan for any potential long term absence or school closures as a result of the COVID 19 virus,” said Greer.

“The concern is we don’t know where it is, who it has it,” said Evelyn Caldwell, a parent. “You can’t test everybody. I think prevention is the best solution.”

In the video, Greer says the district ensured they did a deep cleaning in all of the school buildings and will continue to monitor the situation.