• Runners fuel up for marathon run with pasta, camaraderie

    By: Drew Karedes


    BOSTON - Thousands of Boston Marathon runners lined up for the pre-race pasta dinner at Boston City Hall on Sunday evening, just hours before they embark on the 26.2-mile journey from Hopkinton.  

    On the eve of the 123rd annual Boston Marathon, runners from around the world remained in high spirits and said that they are not fazed by the potential of wet weather on Monday.

    "It’s the epitome of all marathons," said Mary Morgan of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 

    Organizers told Boston 25 that they're doing everything they can on their end to keep runners and volunteers as dry as possible.

    "I’ve never run one that was wet the other five times. That’s the only thing I’m concerned about, staying dry before the race starts," said Bob Brashear of Fort Thomas, Kentucky. 

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    For many, Sunday's pasta dinner tradition was not only about getting those carbs in before the race, but also about soaking up the moment with other runners who have made it to this point through hard work and determination.

    Of the estimated 30,000 runners, about 80 percent have qualified for the race by running a previous marathon. Getting a quick enough time to meet the requirement is an accomplishment in itself.

    "There's so many feelings; it's hard to express happiness, gratitude, determination all at once," said Libby Dykes, arunner from Utah who has been working for 10 years to qualify for her first Boston Marathon. "Bursting of happiness."

    "It's Boston," said Matt Sommer of Elon, N.C. "You have to earn it to be here." 

    Brashear said, "I love the marathon. I love the city."

    "Every time you make that left hand turn on Boylston it’s like you tear up and think how many people want to be here," said Matt Sommer of Elon, North Carolina.

    Dave Schmittou of Grand Blank, Michigan, said he couldn't contain his excitement.

    "Lot of nerves, lot of energy, just hoping I can carb load right now," said Schmittou. "For me it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, so just enjoy every single step."

    With the potential for heavy rain and chilly temperatures, organizers are making some small changes in start times for runners in certain groups. Organizers say the goal is to cut down in the among of time runners spend waiting prior to starting the race.

    There will also be twice as many weather shelters set up this year, eight up from four.

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