Retired State Police troopers indicted in alleged scheme involving guns

Retired State Police troopers indicted in alleged scheme involving guns

BOSTON — Two former State Police troopers have been indicted for their alleged role in a scheme involving guns.

Paul Wonsy, 50, of Norfolk and Michael Wilmot, 59, of Sturbridge, both worked at the State Police armory in New Braintree. The two were responsible for purchasing firearms and ammunition.

State Police spokesperson Dave Procopio told Boston 25 News the department began investigating the "inappropriate transfer of outdated, unused weapons from the department armory to a firearms dealer."

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According to court documents obtained by 25 Investigates, both men received customized firearms from a manufacturer hoping to become a department vendor.

They're also accused of taking more than one hundred high-capacity magazines and other gun parts from the armory.

"The State Police provided information to the Attorney General’s office for review for potential criminality and supports that office’s prosecution of the case," said Procopio. "The conduct as alleged in the complaints contradicts the standards of conduct demanded by the Department, and since the internal investigation, stricter inventory controls and systems have been implemented in the MSP armory."

The case is being prosecuted by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey. A senior officer in the State Police Division of Investigative Services obtained the complaints under Healey's office's direction and has pledged to continue supporting prosecutors as the case develops.

Following the indictment, State Police told Boston 25 News they have increased inventory controls at the armory. All new personnel were assigned to the Armorer's Office once the investigation pointed to the alleged wrongdoing.

Wonsy was transferred out of the Armorer’s Office after he was promoted to lieutenant in 2015, prior to the MSP investigation. He retired in September 2016.

Wilmot was removed from the Armorer's Office in July 2016 while the investigation was ongoing, was suspended without pay in September 2016 and retired in November 2016.

This is a developing story. Stay with Boston 25 News for more updates as soon as they become available.