Report: Fan who shined laser at Brady banned for life, could face charges

BOSTON — The person who shined a laser on Tom Brady in Kansas City has been banned from Arrowhead Stadium for life and is likely to face charges, according to ESPN.

The netword reported Sunday morning that the Kansas City Chiefs hope to make an example out of the fan who was identified through video surveillance and witness reports.

"There's a lot of pride in Kansas City, and we and our fans thought, 'You don't do that here,'" a Chiefs official told ESPN.

The NFL said it will investigate the report, but has not announced any discliplinary action so far.

A Kansas City television station discovered video of a laser shiningon Brady during the AFC Championship Game and team officials investigated it.

ESPN Reports:

The Kansas City police department initially wanted to cite the fan with disorderly conduct, but Chiefs officials didn't feel those charges were strong enough and instead have been pushing for "the harshest penalty possible," in the words of one source.

Lasers are prohibited at NFL games.

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